Privacy Policy

We respect your concerns about the privacy of your information on the internet. This policy has been made to help you understand the nature of information we collect from you since you started visiting our website on the internet and how we handle your personal information.


We didn’t design this platform to collect your personal information from your computer or mobile phone while using this platform, we will only use the information you provide us yourself.

IP Address

Any time you visit any website including this site, the hosting server will save your IP address, the time, date, your browser and the URL of any website on the internet that redirects you to this website.

The Scanning Process On The Web

The scanning process we do on the web enables us to collect some specific information like the information about your impression towards our website. Your responses is considered a very important thing as it enables us to develop our website and you have all the choice to provide your name and other information.

The links of other sites on the internet

Our website may contain URLs to other websites on the internet and we are not responsible of the methods of collecting data of these websites, you can check the security policies of these websites through any link in these websites

Information Leaking

We will protect all your personal information privacy and secrecy in all time. And no information will ever be leaked unless it’s demanded by any law or when we think that this procedure will be demanded to follow the law or to protect the ownership rights of this website.

The required information to complete any process you asked for

When we need any personal information of yours, we will ask you to provide it by your own will. As this information will help us to contact you and to complete your order. Your information will never be sold to a third party to be used for his own benefit without getting a written prior confirmation from you. Unless it’s used as group information for research without containing any information that can be used to identify you.

Upon Contacting Us

All information provided by you will be considered secret information, the filled forms and forwarded to us in the internet directly to our website require providing the information that will help us improve our website. These information will be used to respond to all your inquiries, notes or orders from this website or any website related to it.

Releasing information to a third party

We wont sell, trade, rent or release any information to any third party outside this website or the websites related to it, and the information will be only released in case of a law order by the government.

Changing the information privacy policies.

We have the right to change any of the terms of the privacy of the information if needed. The changes will be done from here or the main privacy policy page, and we will continuously inform you with the information we got from you, and how we will use it and for whom we will provide it

Contacting us

You can contact us when needed by clicking on the contact us link in the links or our website or by send an e-mail to our e-mail Info on the domain above


Your concerns about the privacy of your information are very important to us, we hope we cover that by this policy